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4 definitions by vitaminanime

fangirls who fantasize about having sex with anime characters and would do anything to do so in real life
Ashari: Truth or dare?
Erenei: Dare.
Ashari: which anime characters would you like to sleep with?
Erenei: tee hee...hmm...let me think...Sasuke, Soren, Ike, Sosuke, Gaara, Zuko, Pein, L, Light, Ichigo,...and...gee...I wish i had more fingers!
Ashari: you're one hell of a horny fangirl!
by vitaminanime January 06, 2010
having a bubble of air trapped in your stomach or intestines, with no way out, either end. feels comprable to being disemboweled.
As soon as i stopped drinking milk, I stopped having gas pains and i lost ten pounds. I feel so good!
by vitaminanime December 12, 2009
a refined nerd is someone who is a nerd in just about every sense of the term: they typically are highly intelligent, excellent with computers, watch Star Trek, play roleplaying games such as World of Warcraft, Warhammer, and Dungeons and Dragons, can recite Monty Python verbatum, edit Wikipedia, collect comic books and action figures, watch anime, read Tolkein and CS Lewis, go to the releases of Harry Potter at midnight, go to or work at historical reinactments and reniassance faires, and play chess, yet have a social life, dress nicely, play sports, and just by looking at them you'd probably never guess they're a nerd.
Hi, i'm Annie the refined nerd. i have a whole room dedicated to my comic books, my favorite way to procrastinate is to play World of Warcraft, I know how to program computers, i got straight a's in school, i've cut class just so i could re-read the Harry Potter books, i've watched every Star Trek series and i went as an Enterprise security officer for Halloween(the guys were all over me), i know all the songs from Spamalot, i dust my collection of action figures that i won in cosplay contests daily, i've read all the LOTR books and seen the movies, i've worked at a reniassance faire, and i play DnD every Friday with some friends i know from my fencing class. i wear glasses for reading, but they're flattering torotiseshell frames, not coke bottle glasses held together with masking tape. when I can't buy clothes at Comic Con, I buy them from Macy's or even Hollister. and oh yes, i don't stick pens in my shirt pocket and i wouldn't be caught dead in highwaters!
by vitaminanime February 04, 2011
The inner rim of the eye. an ideal place to put eyeliner without it looking too racconey.
i put purple eyeliner inside the rim and a guy I met at the mall told me i had beautiful eyes.
by vitaminanime January 23, 2010