2 definitions by vintz charming

the worst seat in a 5 seater car which is in the back, middle of a vehicle. with two guys on each side of the middle seat, the person in the middle has two joy stick available for each hand like a pilot in a jet plane. thus comes the name jet seat:P
-lets go, im driven
-i got shotgun
-right window
-left window
-ah man that means i have to sit in the jet seat:(
by vintz charming April 29, 2008
like normal 'potions', 'ghetto potion' helps cures sickness. ingredients include basic vegetables, noodles, and most important chicken! being that chicken is the African Americans most stereotypical favored food, thats where the word 'ghetto' comes from.
dang homie im feelin' a lil sick-_- i need some 'ghetto potion' to help me feel better:)
by vintz charming January 03, 2008

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