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Love is the ability of two total strangers to be able to throw down, rip each others clothes off, teach each other dirty things they've never heard of, wake up the next morning, say goodbye, and do it all again the next night because they are really close friends who don't want to get hurt.

True love is where two strangers can look at each other before talking and at least have the notion of "I could fall in love with this person." But if they don't both think of it the love can never be true. One person can pine all their lives for the one that they saw before any one else but if the person they saw didn't notice them first, nothing matters. You have to move on and it's possible.
1.) "We were in some hard fuckin' love last night, all night and twice in the shower this morning. Once in my pool this afternoon and we'll be at it again in the hot tub tonight."

"Yeah, so was I, with her. Your friend is in love with alot of people!"

"I know, but she loves me the most"

2.) Guy: "You don't love me."
Girl: "Yes I do"
Guy: "No, you saw him first. You thought it was him. I knew it was you, you stupid bitch get out of here so I can love (1) your best friend!"
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by vini m July 28, 2006
Every one's least favorite president. He likes himself a lot, more then Clinton likes fat girls. He is his own sitcom. Eveyr time he gives a press conference I laugh. He tries to use big words to make himself appear intelligent but it doesn't work. Half the time he doesn't know what words he's using or what topic his speech-writer wrote for him to talk about, he just tries to read the cards as best as he can but can't do that either because he's simply an idiot. He may have gotten great education but he apparently gave it back to the people who paid for it (daddy dearest.) He turned it in in exchange for becoming the world's first president to be hated more then Hitler or Mussolini. Has any one noticed that his face really is too small for his incredibly vulgar head?

Any ways, this war thing... he needs to give it up or else the next ten presidents will be dealing with either Cold War 2 or WWIII. There aren't any nukes there, so give it up. No one in America with a functioning pulse gives a fuck about the people in Iraq that you're blowing up and pretending to want to fix when in reality you're trying to make people like you and failing. Maybe you should find a fat intern to sleep with, it's a nice signature and you couldn't be hated more.

His VP might be dead? Does any one really know?

That chimp goes on and on in his speeches saying the same thing over and over again putting in a real effort to one day pronounce a four syllable word correctly.

Simultaneously he uses words like simultaneously where they have no business being while trying to get to the point where he can stare at us through our TV's and arrest us for thinking mean things about him. Also, he's probably going to work to be re-elected for another term so he can finish brainwashing the rest of the less-fortunate republicans who aren't rich, just christians and then move on to the democrats...But we're...what would he call it...imperminent? No, actually, we're impervious.

Goodnight and thank you Mr Bush. you have done a lot for this country. It's a new era where even the Republicans want to move to French and deal with the accents just to get away from Bush and his!
Remember, "We are working hard but we are not working on saturdays because we are working hard on week days going to very strenuous measures to ensure the safet of our country for every day of the week except for Saturday, we take that day off because we work hard during the week." --George Bush
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by vini m July 26, 2006
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