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a nice cit.y that in going down. Detroit would be a better city if we had a better mayor not that fat fuck kwame kilpatrick that says hes got plans put doesnt know he ass from a hole in the ground.the whole downtown area is pretty messed up with roadblocks everywhere.Detroit has plenty of good areas like just outside in grosse pointe
Hey lets go downtown
ok sure take jefferson and see those huge houses
by vince misiewicz March 28, 2005
Meaning 8 miles away from the center of detroit. Little 12 year olds dress all bad and think they are from the ghetto when in reality they live in a nice suburb and they are rich but think they are hard core.
wigger 1-yo dogg lets go down to 8 mile i wonder what its like

wigger 2-yes for sho what does 8 mile mean
by vince misiewicz March 28, 2005

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