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A person who comes from the South American country of Chile. The general attitude of the typical Chilean is very cold and unwelcoming of outsiders. Chileans are passive-agressive and have a serious superiority/inferiority complex as being the "best", "most-developed" nation in South America. Generally, most others in Latin America are friendly and generous. Not the Chilean, they have made an art out of gossiping and rudely staring at people. On paper, Chileans seem to be very nice, the reality that is a modern-day Chilean is far from that.
Non-Chilean: Says "thank you" to Chilean.

Chilean: Responds with a dirty look and tells non-Chilean to go screw himself.
by viajero1973 March 26, 2009
A beautiful country unfortunately inhabited by rude, insecure people. Chilean society was very much affected by the Pinochet dictatorship that lasted almost two decades. It's people are distrusting, terrified of "delinquents", and have no concept of common courtesy. Most of all, they hate outsiders. The "group" mentality dominates here, and individuality is not tolerated by society. Truly one of the more unfriendly places on Earth.
Chileno: I hate Peruvians and and the rest of Latin America, simply because I am Chilean.
by viajero1973 March 26, 2009

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