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A process in which these to items end up being glued together which there creates a camera phone. Under going the process does not gurantee that both of the items will continue working but in the rare case it will.
Sarah: Man i hate having to bulky items in my purse.
Julie: Just make a camera phone.
#camera #phone #glue #process #create
by veronica unleashed August 28, 2008
A word for being confussed about the whore thats grinding on you at the very moment and you decide that its sexy to do it in a baby crib
Boy: I'm so confussald right now baby.
Girl: Your crushing our baby!
#confussed #whore #grinding #sexy #baby
by veronica unleashed August 28, 2008
A word often used towards the people who spend there time on xbox live, paint little men called warhammer, and sit in front of the computer playing retarded computer games like world of war craft.
Girl: look at that nerd
Nerd: It seems that the female catogory is talking to me.
#warhammer #computer #games #world #xbox
by veronica unleashed August 28, 2008
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