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a pirate who sailed on the pacific ocean who was the captain of the flying dutchman, a cursed ship that causes bad luck and omens. the ship was feared by every one including other pirates and admarial guards. because of the ships reputation davy jones the captain of the ship owned the seven seas of that time. later on a giant sea monster came up and destroyed the ship leaving davy jones and his men cursed to haunt the seas until judgement day/ the second coming of christ. the ship and men was never found by admaril guards. sailors say that davy jones and his flying dutchman is responsible of all the bad things that happen on the sea such as the sinking of the titanic and other sunken cruise ships.......
davy jones was a cursed man with a cursed ship, if you see him while your on a boat, your ass is in trouble!
by vannes August 06, 2006

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