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The name given to the coolest state in the United States of America. Known for its awesomeness.
Person 1: You live in Virginia?

Cool Kid: Yea, I go hard like that.
#coolest #awesomeness #state #usa #virginia #badass
by vakid February 23, 2011
an illness affecting little girls, and some guys,to become addicted to the high pictched voice of Justin Bieber.. and an attraction to:

-skater hair
-immaturity/ lack of puberty
-American wannabees
-little boys

may result in lack of anything normal and becoming homosexual or insane.
Person 1: dude, she just b*tch slapped my mom for saying she didn't like Justin Bieber.

Person 2: that's a classic symptom of Bieber Fever.

Girl: Don't f*ck with the Biebs!!!!!!
#gay #justin bieber #biebs nitch slapped #little boys #homo
by vakid February 23, 2011
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