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its what girls have in addition to their back bottom and sometimes wee comes out of it and sometimes vagina fluid comes out of it and sometimes babies come out of it and if a boy loves her then sometimes he will put his willy inside her front bottom and 9 months later she might have a baby come out of it and sometimes people like to touch their front bottom and put their fingers inside it and tickle it and sometimes other people will put their fingers inside or lick it
i have a front bottom and my boyfriend is here too and he decided to put his willy inside it and his willy is still inside my front bottom now and its great
by vaginal fluid November 11, 2006
girls have boobies and they can come in many sizes but big boobies are best and they are on a girls chest and have a nipple on each one and sometimes other people like to feel her boobies or lick them and sometimes they even suck the nipples like babies do and girls wear a bra over their boobies
my girlfriend took her shirt off and she was wearing a bra underneath and her boobies were so big i mean they were huge and i took her bra off and caressed them and licked them and then i rubbed my willy all over them!
by vaginal fluid November 11, 2006
to masturbate is when a girl touches her front bottom and clitoris until its wet or a boy touches his willy until its wet and masturbation is done for fun because some people want to do sex but cant or they just feel like it and the wet stuff that comes out can make a white patch in your pants or knickers and people do not normally touch their private parts in public
oh and im touching my front bottom and oo yeah im tickling my clitoris ohh yeah mmmm all the wet stuffs coming out its all over my fingers ooooo mmm im fingering my front bottom

oh and ive got my willy and im touching it all over and the we t stuff is coming out ooo mmm and it feels goood ohh yeah when i masturbate i get really excited
by vaginal fluid November 11, 2006
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