1 definition by v8 classic

usually a corsa,punto,seicento,fiesta,nova with a 1.0 litre engine witha lowered springs,body kit and a stupidly big sound system worth more than the car. and a big fart cannon exhaust that can be heard a mile away. and the car is barely road legal with 5 spotty chavs sat in it with the drive sat at a stupid angle.with the only performance modification being a k&n air filter. or a nova or a corsa with a c20xe or c20let red tiop engine in it whichis undeclared with not adequate brakes or suspension.usually built by some one called barry.
the chav chariot nov could be heard a mile away.

barrys 2 litre chav chariot nova got beat by the 1967 chevrolet camaro ss at santa pod

"daves nova looks like a chav chariot with that body kit"
by v8 classic November 23, 2007

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