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a word used to express heavy skepticism in a sarcastic way, to any of President Barack Hussein Obama's views, laws, opinions etc.
When everyone heard that President Obama had approved the health care reform, I exclaimed, " Oh right! Socialism! Thats obamatastic!"
by Uselessstar April 08, 2010
Flatulence emitted from a vagina
Ughhh, your room smells like fish, Erica!
I just had a poonany fart.
by uselessstar November 15, 2010
When a blonde female is overly base (stupid) and ridiculous, and causes everyone in her vicinity to be mentally disabled until the blonde leaves the vicinity/room.
Everytime she walks into a room, everyones brains seem to shut down. Talk about having the blonde effect
by Uselessstar April 07, 2010
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