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to not totally consider any and or all outcomes of any given situation...basically being a fucking jackass regarding the most minute problems
probably shouldnt have shat on that hookers face,i completely underthunk her slutty needs

urge "im gonna drop a nuke this game baby"
baby" thats so hot baby"
urge "im at 23 kills"
baby "you fucking rule you fat fuck"
urge "fuck me,i dont have a nuke on,i so underthunk how good i was gonna play this game"
by urge and tish May 27, 2010
to show how excited you are by what someone had texted to you..using exclamation points and/or smiley faces
the hottest fucking girl texted me how much she wants me to fuck her,so i texted back "fuck yeah,bro!!!!" with textcitement
by urge and tish May 27, 2010
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