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A sociological disorder characterized by the irrational notion that the election of Barack Obama was a good thing... rapidly in prevalence, except in the audiences of MSNBC.
If you watch a presidential speech on MSNBC, you might actually hear the sounds of masturbation from the cast... Obamaphilia must be such an embarrasing disorder.
by urdoingitwrong! October 03, 2009
A castrated homosexual, used to describe those who, while driving, commit any of the following transgressions:
1)Sit still at a green light.
2)Change lanes more that three times on the same block
3) cut off another drive (some exceptions, see #4)
4)Speed up when another driver uses their signal, so as to prevent the changing of lanes
5) Plays Chicken at a stop sign without right-of way
6) Goes under the speed limit at ANY time.
Also used to describe cyclists who insist on using two lane, two way roads.
1) Let me over, you sawed-off cocksucker, or I WILL run you into the median!!!
2) Can't these sawed-off cocksuckers find another place to ride they're fucking bikes?
3) Green means GO, you sawed-off-cocksucking-piece-of-shit!!!!!
by urdoingitwrong! October 03, 2009
Anyone believing that Obama belongs in the Democratic party, rather than the fascist or socialst parties. anyone who is ignorant enough to believe that 'too much free speech is a bad thing,' that the majority of those who disagree with Obama-care are simply racist, or that the man is even remotely qualified to run a McDonald's, let alone a country.
"God, I wish all these fucking Obamacrats would grow up and realize that printing more money isn't going to fix anything."
"Hey, Obamacrats, I'll take my guns, money and first amendment rights, you can keep the change."
by urdoingitwrong! October 03, 2009
(1)The pilot of a country headed straight into the ground.
(2) The man who gave the worst presentation EVER at the International Oylmpic Committee on why Chicago should host the next olympics.
3) A self-possessed sycophant, incapable of delivering on any promises made during his presidential campaign.
4) A half caucasian, half black male raised by his white mother and grandmother, of whom he almost never publicly acknowledges.
Hey, Mr. Barack Obama, the Constitution is NOT something you can wipe your ass with.
by urdoingitwrong! October 03, 2009
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