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A dumb puerto rican chick who trys hard to act black, she can act a lil and maybe even dance (woo-hoo) but she can't sing for sh!t, she has this annoying limp voice that makes me want to gauge my own eyeball out whenever I hear her crappy/trendy music on the radio. Makes stinky perfume & cheap/tacky clothes.

She became famous for that fat, wide fanny of hers which looks like she either was a hump on her back or is wearing some Depends. Cindy Crawford (a real natural beauty) was seen on tv saying that if she had jlo's ass she wouldn't even go out in public. *too much butt and no boobies, me no likey*
If she's so "real" then why did she get her nose and lips resized and why does she wear all that fake bronzer?
by ur5minsisup June 07, 2005
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