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Canterbury is a college prep school in New Milford Connecticut. While many students attend Canterbury, the majority are either day students of boarders that decide to pay the extra money to live there even though they live five minutes away. The students at Canterbury attend the school (regardless of what they say) because 1) their parents have way too much money 2) They are retarded.
Canterbury is good in hockey and football. And that is about it. Athletically and academically.
My parents said they would get me this new BMW if applied to prep school. I applied to Hotchkiss, Loomis, Kent, Berkshire and Andover.

Wow! thats ambitious! Canterbury is your safe school i take it. Well we know you will get into Canterbury, i dont know anyone who DIDN'T get in that had more money than sense. No offense man.

Nah dude. its chill.
by ur mom goes to canterbury May 20, 2005
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