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Victor is a sweet and often misunderstood soul. He is known for being great with the ladies, but he is secretly a very deep, curious, and loving person. He has much more depth than people give him credit for, though it may take him years to come to terms with this. Never loses his Latin Lover touch, and drives the women crazy, both unintentionally, and intentionally. Once he sows his wild oats (which, by nature, he must), he can become a truly faithful, committed and loving partner. He knows what a woman needs, and can tune in to just how to give it to her. A wonderful parent. He feels the duties of his role as father and provider more than many, and finds great pleasure in being dependable. One of the most honest people you will meet, often to a fault. One should never take his flirtatious nature to signify anything more than their innate understanding of the women around them, and their common like of positive reassurance. Once a Victor is committed, he is committed, and will have no problem telling you if the relationship is dwindling. The best approach with any Victor, is honesty honesty honesty. And Love. They surprise you, daily.
by ur mom 2 July 15, 2010

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