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The part of New York state whose inhabitants (like myself, who has NEVER lived outside upstate New York) are generally dismissed by people from downstate New York as "not real New Yorkers." In New York's 2000 U. S. Senate Election Republican Rick Lazio was only polite upstate because he needed us but, to her credit, Hillary Rodham Clinton made an effort to learn as much as possible about upstate.

Sure, there's no theatre, only the Buffalo Bills among sports teams, and no opera, but it was UPSTATE that hosted the Winter Olympics twice and downstate that hasn't hosted either type of the Olympics once.

The stereotype of New Yorkers (downstate AND UPSTATE) being rude also has varying degrees of truth among almost all 19,000,000 people in the state, so upstate New Yorkers shouldn't get self-congratulatory about politeness either.
I've lived in upstate New York, there are a handful of rude people there too, but it's more conducive to vehicle ownership.
by upstater; can't live downstate February 03, 2009

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