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spooka is a genre of music defined thus far only by high visibility clothing and rocking you harder and softer musically than anything you've ever heard previously
that person rocking out on stage wearing that safety vest is spooka as hell!
by untroduction June 12, 2008
Exclamation: Expressing anger, surprise, or frustration. Slightly fresh, possibly cute.
Karla: O Ding! Did you see that? Marilyn just fell off the roof!

Zooey: No, is she okay? I was at a Scout Niblett gig where she was playing Spooka music.

Karla: O Ding, I did not realise that Scout was playing here.
by untroduction September 19, 2010
Way too early to be awake. Wicked early.

Occasionally the s at the end of "earls" is a z, depending on what you prefer.
I should change my sleep schedule, I'm nocturnal and tomorrow I have to be up wicked earls for class.

Damn, you woke me up wicked earls this morning for this shit?! fuck you very much!

I got up wicked earls to see a scout niblett of the aurora borealis.

If you're nocturnal then 10 am is wicked earls for you!
by untroduction September 27, 2010

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