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The art of finding the remains of a period in public toilets. This leads to the failure to urinate in the same toilet and sometimes vomiting.
If you decide to go to the toilet in college after a female classmate and she has left the remains of a period in the toilet. You then return to your class looking sheepish and frightened. The symptons of this are clear and include:
pale face
fixed pupils
nervous twitch where they have failed to urinate
This is known as an alex-smith.
by unknown man March 19, 2007
SuperFero is usually found it GtaNet, he is a weird guy from unknown land. Some say he is Cat who never got eaten and his father was bankrobber. He often thinks that world needs saving and dogs to be eaten. In most cases he puts someone on fire or saves the trout.
SuperFero sets sheddy on fire
by Unknown Man January 19, 2008

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