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pronounced- /Bing K/ *Adj: 1. A slang word, primarily used by Italians/New Yorkers, that refers to a sharp dresser or swell looker. Similar in meaning to the word "dapper" that is often used by Irish/Irish Americans, immaculate in dress and appearance.
Anthony was looking mad bink with his fresh haircut and brand new jogging suit!
by unhealthy&unwealthy September 12, 2010
a defensive action taken by a combatant who is being kicked and beaten by a gang of hoodlums, a crawling fetal position, crawling on your knees and elbows with tucked head being protected by arms and hands. Named after the neighborhood of South Boston (Southie), MA, whose youth gangs were known for being street toughs and trouble makers. In street fights, they would set upon their foes in numbers, booting & stomping them as they tried to crawl to safety.
Outnumbered five to one as soon as the fight broke out, Hubert covered up in a Southie Turtle to minimize damage to his face and private areas.
by unhealthy&unwealthy September 12, 2010

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