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10 definitions by underthehoodie.com

This is what occurs when one female becomes jealous of another.
Loretta is the hot new piece around the office, attracting all the guys. Vivian has worked at said office for several years and now receives little attention. Vivian is frustrated at Loretta for this, thus she has vagina envy.
by UnderTheHoodie.com May 14, 2009
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A metaphor for "balls" as coined by David Hobbs of SPEED during a Formula 1 broadcast.
(Jenson Button has just made a daring pass)

Hobbs: "Wow. Boy has some large attachments!"
by UnderTheHoodie.com May 08, 2010
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A person who regularly fucks up.
Aubrey: "My husband spilled paint all over the goddamn carpet again."

Vicki: "No shit?"

Aubrey: "Yeah, he's been a real fucksmith lately."
by UnderTheHoodie.com May 02, 2010
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Someone who laces their text and instant messages with emoticons.
Joey: "Man, Heather is the most annoying texter I've ever seen! What's with the smiley faces and hearts?"

Harold: "You got that right. She's a fuckin' emoticon artist."
by UnderTheHoodie.com March 23, 2010
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A term used to describe a woman whose vagina is covered with pubic hair (i.e. she is unshaven downstairs).
Ben: "Yo, didja see Vicki naked lately?"

Kelton: "No, why?"

Ben: "Bitch has a MUFFIN SWEATER goin' on!"

Kelton: "Time to shave that shit, eh?"
by UnderTheHoodie.com April 29, 2010
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Another word for someone who is an asshole.
Brett: "I don't wanna go camping this weekend. Ugh."
Clem: "Yo, B, stop bein' such a dildoslurp. Go getcha gear and let's get dir-tay!"
by UnderTheHoodie.com April 18, 2010
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The types of messages put up on Facebook, MySpace, etc. by people craving attention.

You see SNAGMs every day from people that want your attention but are too proud to ask for it directly, so they travel an annoying route to grab you but all you really wanna do is ignore them.
Jimmy Smalls posts a SNAGM on almost a daily basis. No one has hung out with him lately (probably cos his feet stink and his parents never have anything to eat in the fridge). Instead of dialing, texting or visiting a friend, he takes his woe to Facebook in the form of sympathy-seeking status updates such as:

Jimmy Smalls is swimming in a sea of sorrow.

Jimmy Smalls hates being Jimmy Smalls.

Jimmy Smalls is thinking about playing some Russian Roulette.

You get the idea! As you can see, Jimmy seems to be climbing a downward spiral. However, if Jimmy really wanted to do any harm to himself, he wouldn't post a warning on Facebook. Jimmy is just craving attention and there are plenty of Jimmys out there.
by UnderTheHoodie.com May 12, 2010
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