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To pour hot water over used coffee grounds to squeeze an extra cup of coffee out of them.

True shermanizing is accomplished only when the coffee runs out and you don't want to bother brewing another pot for someone else, so you give him shermanized coffee and pretend it's the remains of a full-strength pot.
Has Tom gotten his morning coffee yet? No? Quick, shermanize a cup!
by underscorebleach January 22, 2006
A pestering, dogged, or annoying person who causes stress or commotion in one's life. Synonyms: pest, busybody
Have you seen dicksnag today? He was bothering me to get that project done.
by underscorebleach November 23, 2006
Not Safe For Mom. It might be safe for work, but you don't want your mom reading it -- especially if it's on your blog.
Should I post this link to College Humor? I wouldn't say it's NSFW, but it's probably NSFM.
by underscorebleach November 28, 2006

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