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5 definitions by uncle mitchell

When intimate with a woman,jump up on the head board of the bed, and do a swan dive into any open orifice.
After hours of foreplay I decided to engage in a FLYING LUIGI.
by UNCLE MITCHELL November 16, 2004
the worlds hottest milf execpt kates mom
wow shes hot shes almost a lee moore
by uncle mitchell November 18, 2004
jizz on a girls face and then pull out a couple of pubs and blows it all over a girls face
shane getting coty west in the face with a strap on
by uncle mitchell March 18, 2005
to give or receive oral sex
i got spiffed last night
by uncle mitchell November 18, 2004
When haveing oral pleasure done to you. You force the the head on the head giving person all the way down to your sweaty balls, preceding to fucking them in the mouth till you blow your load in their throat.
"Josh Moore was being a little bitch, so I gave that fag a Raging Badger!"
by Uncle Mitchell November 16, 2004