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an artists reference to the act of recieving (or giving for our gay brothers) head. ie...to have ones cock sucked!
Wally: Hey Stevo, did you hear about Spanner cracking his Sonia fair dinkum in the mouth, apparently sent several teeth flying.
Stevo: Yeah, Spanner told me all about it himself. He reckons that Sonai, or "the cunt" as he referred to her, wouldn't give him a helmut roll after he fixed the stove for her
Wally: Fuckin ungrateful bitch
by ulremorse November 11, 2009
An apt description pertaining to a physically unattractive woman
Donny: hey Bill, Geez man, u sure grossed us all out at the party last weekend when you had your toungue down the throat of that three tusker.
Bill: Yeah, i was really wasted that night...and also the missus wouldn't give me a helmut roll
by ulremorse November 11, 2009
a facial or body print left by the male reproductive organ
Sally: Hiya cockhead
Felicity: Ha Ha very funny
Sally: so whats the story?
Felicity:Bluey, my hunky studmuffin, took me for a beach breakfast to watch the sunrise. He also brought a heap of wine, some whiskey and a case of beer. By mid morning we were quite wasted and I decided to give him a helmut roll. During this artistic public display of our affection we both passed out..... and thus the sunburnt imprint of his schlong on my forehead!
Sally: Yeah, looks like old Bluey has left his cock stripe on you gal.......and that may well be his ballsac on your nose
Felicity: well at least I didn't wake up all sticky for a change
by ulremorse November 11, 2009

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