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1, A guy who dresses up like an emo/goth and pretends to be an vampire whilst experimenting with other guys, claiming to be homosexual or bisexual. The Cock Suckula tends to be shy and dark, which would express his dark and troubled soul. This is regulary just a phase, but some individuals is never cured and eventually evolves into Elder Cock Suckulas. These abominations are roaming the streets at night all dressed-up in Sisters of Mercy merch and make-up, hunting down their preys with unmatched beastliness.

2, faggot ass vampire in a book written by a cunt
Brad: So I went to see this new twillight bullshit movie with Sarah last night. I paid 20 bucks for those tickets, fucking robbery.. At least I got to fuck.

Jerry: Yeah, I bet she got all horned up by the sight of that Cock Suckula Cullen.

*Shadow swooshing by*

Jerry: Wow! Did you see that bat? Fucking hell, hate those creeps!

Jerry: Brad? Where did you go? What the fuck man, c'mon!
Seriously man, come out! It's not even funny!
Well screw this, I'm going ho...uuurhgggggggg!

*Elder Cock Suckula urges for blood, nevermore*
by uhgdjkkrsdgh June 15, 2010
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