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To reach a state of boredom beyond belief whereby any attempt to entertain yourself usually ends up in depression/ a further state of monged.

There are no known cures for this state of mind, however can be lessened by certain internet based stimulae.

Stages of monged.
1: slightly bored usually resulting in seeing friends who feel the same
2: first night in alone on youtube
3: chronic addiction to social networking sites

4: where sleeping is the most creative thing you can think of doing
5: looking at the knife sitting on your desk and wondering
6: No recorded reports of people coming back from stage six
Person 1: Man i havent done ANYTHING in the past 2 months

Person 2: What have you been upto?

Person 1: reached stage 5 of Monging, think my lifes over!
by uber monger November 17, 2009

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