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I'm a tad shocked at some of the comments about Short Hills. I'll grant you that it's an affluent town but, that in and of itself isn't a crime. Like any other town there are pros and cons. Yes, it has it's share of spoiled brats. It also has a ot of great people.

As for the schools being so great..i'm not so sure. i went to millburn high and grew up in SH. the principal of millburn high got in trouble for having sex with a student, gym teacher arrested for getting head from a young boy, psych teacher arrested for dealing coke to students. it's the parents to whom education is important that give millburn high it's success rate..not the school. the same parents, kids and famlies that many of you have bashed on these pages. give credit where credit is due.

bust your ass to be successful and someday you too may be able to trade in your blue collar problems for the equal but different problems enjoyed by the residents of Short Hills.

ps. i would like to see the Millburn High cheer changed to something other than, "that's allright, that's ok, you'll all work for us someday"

viva Short Hills!
by typical rich kid August 30, 2006

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