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1 definition by tyler perryy

White individual who is completely bald, have very small dick, uneducated, therefore makes minimum wage, unable to satisfy his girl, dont get laid often, therefore his girl cheats on him with guys with brown dicks.

A homo looking baldy guy with AIDS, whos lips look like a pussy with herpes, working in the stone industry, making less than a hard working Mexican.

Baldy homo dude who sucks brown cocks for a living on 171 street and hillside ave.
Dude, did you see that jerrydick Robert Savnio? I knew he was a homo. he looks like he's got herpes from sucking homeless dicks.

so I get an IM from this jerrydick robertasavino, and all he asks me is where he can get penis enlargement. WTF dude?

robert savino is such a jerrydick, rogaine is not working for his shiny ass bald head. what a dumb fuck.
by tyler perryy June 24, 2010
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