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A woman who enters a mans life and stops him from achieving his dreams and goals. Hopes of grad school and making a career are killed. The days of riding your motorcycle and drinking beer are over.
Wallacker sure dosen't do anything fun anymore. Yeah, his wife sure is a dream killer.
by two hands July 16, 2008
Motorcycle Club from the Bay Area CA. members are huge men who resemble the gigantes of greek mythology. 6'8 and 300 pounds is standard. Legend has it that one of the giants pushed a broken down car over a cliff with his own hands because it was blocking the road.
Hey Johnny, did you see those monsters on the motorcycles? Uncle Skip, those were the Sons Of Gaea Motorcycle Club.
by two hands July 13, 2008
Something that is finished and ready to go. A car that has been completely restored and every detail is flawless. Being ready to go on a trip, bags packed, passport in hand, money in pocket.
Damm, look at that chevy, that things turn key.

Were leaving at 3 pm, you better be turn key or we will leave your ass.
by two hands December 17, 2007

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