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A very low budget horror film that was originally just an independent film at a movie fest, but became so popular by demand it was released in October of 2009 all over the country.

The plot is a young couple move in together and are experiencing paranormal phenomenon from something like a demon, etc. I don't want to give anymore away.

Now this movie has gotten mixed reviews so I will be Switzerland here and tell you the truth. First off, the hype was so over the top it was unrealistic. But just because of the hype, doesn't mean it's not an amazing movie.

This movie messes with your mind. Not with your eyes (blood, etc.) There is very little blood in the movie and that is the point. What this movie does it takes everything you can't explain (ex. Finding your keys in the middle of the floor the next morning unexplainably) and tells you that a demon/ghost/etc. did it. Yes, I know it sounds unreasonable, but after watching the movie you'll know exactly what I mean.

People with a very low, shallow, realistic imagination will find this movie to be a piece of crap. Because they don't think twice about anything.

People with a very large, crazy, and colorful imagination will put a lot of thought into this and the movie will be so terrifying in so many unexplainable ways.

The movie builds off anticipation, suspense, and terror. Not cheap blood and bad actors.
Person 1: Oh my god! The ending of Paranormal Activity freaked the crap outta me! I'm definitely not sleeping alone!!

Person 2: What the hell? The movie was a bunch of bull. It was cheap and had no blood. I'm definitely not buying the DVD.

Person 1: Well you don't have an imagination do you? Can't wait till you get possessed. ;)
by twitter.com/sleepysunday95 October 24, 2009
A song by Lady Gaga in which he/she sounds like a retarded Italian dinosaur and all it does it repeat the same sounds/words throughout the whole song.

It's really depressing that it is actually considered music.

"WTF dude? You're not singing Bad Romance by the he/she are you???"

"Uh... no"
by twitter.com/sleepysunday95 November 08, 2009

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