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derived from Siamese cat & demonic, a constellation of negative and annoying traits only Siamese cats have ie. loud meowing, attention seeking etc.
Fiona's acting so siamonic tonight I wanna slap her!
by Tupac insecure August 19, 2009
1-a response to subordinate type people ( ie new hires youngest children, people sent to persude you by their cuteness but are really manipulative and you see right through them) basically meaning don't try because you don't have a chance .

2- a response to people who are unfortunate enough to be the second third or fourth person to ask you for the same thing,. in other words- they have no chance!

Taken from the Zack character on "saved by the bell" and the Zakachary character on "officer and a Gentleman.
Newbie: " Can we get off early today?"
Boss: "forget it Zack!"

Youngest child: "I cant sleep. Can I have a glass of water?"
Parent:" Forget it Zack! You and your brothers are NOT staying up! Nice try."

Girl:"He wanted to borrow some money. I told him " forget it Zack, your the third person to ask this week!"
by tupac insecure January 04, 2012
The soft fluffy delightful to squeeze adipose (fat) that tends to accumulate on cats. It is much nicer than human fat.
I just love to squeeze my kitties tummy. He so full of catipose.
by tupac insecure October 27, 2009
Similar to over-slept but instead of a delicious sleep making you late, a delicious lengthy poop makes you late. Or some times agonizing constipation, or high- fiber poo. Whatever the case, you have to call in late because you were "delayed" "held up in traffic" etc. Your family and closest friends know the truth.
MAN ON TOILET: "Honey , please call my boss. Tell him I'll be 15 minutes late. I'm held up in traffic."
WIFE: "Looks like you OVER-POOPED again."
by Tupac Insecure April 13, 2014
An extremely snotty, annoying, usually deliberately obnoxious person. This person goes above and beyond mere snotty-ness. Usually used when you really want to say "asshole" "dick" or "cunt" but can't.
My boss is a booger-napkin. He has long boring staff meeting every pay day.

My cat the original booger-napkin peed in my shoe.

Give me back the TV remote you booger-napkin!

You are a booger- napkin when you drink!
by Tupac Insecure April 13, 2014

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