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a ginger-like, teenage boy who double pops his collar, plays the guitar and lacrosse, bros out with the bros, and usually has a huge ginger-like BB. Loves the hair flip, has a four-inch inseam on his khaki shorts, and wears questionable items, most likely trying to start his own trend to make him seem cool.
example: round, harry potter-like glasses.
I was bro-ing out with Maljabrone today after lacrosse when he whipped out his guitar and pitched a tent in my pants.
#i-peeper #face boner #bro #twat #ipoditude
by ttthhhaaattt gggiiirrrlll March 05, 2009
an expression used by those who do not have any other comebacks because of their lack of creativity. they end up just sounding like a big DOUCHE. the only person who can get away with saying "are you done" is Mr. Kruger from Seinfeld.
Person 1: "Hey, how are you?"
Person 2: "Are you done?"
Person 1: "FUCK YOU YOU'RE A DOUCHE. now i'm done."
#maljabrone #ipeeper #twat #bro #face boner
by ttthhhaaattt gggiiirrrlll March 05, 2009
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