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— noun {bee bee ehm}
1. acronym for Big Bowel Movement;
2. really lame and annoying hipsteresque ad campaign from RIM, the makers of Blackberry to brandize their own instant messenger app.

— verb

1. to discharge waste from the body through the anus
2. to clarify or remove impurities from (a solution, esp of sugar)
On his cross country trip, John had to pull over to the side of the highway because he couldn't wait to get to the next rest stop 30 miles away to go to find a proper toilet. His choice was to take a crap behind a tree or take a BBM in his pants.

Sally bbmed to her boyfriend Stewie that she "just BBMed big time. Boy that enema did a number on my colon."
by tsaroftheWC August 17, 2010

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