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Coricidin cough and cold. This drug is different to say the least. I love it and I hate it at times. There are 4 different plateaus to experience and all 4 are definitely different. Ive noticed that the lower doses (5-8 for me) tend to allow me to function normally but just be happy and feel like I can conquer the world if I tried. When I take 10-14 I feel almost like a drunk feeling but still functional and amazing. Its hard to think and focus in on things though. When I hit higher doses is when I start to actually feel more of a high. It is a dream like experience that is sort of hard to explain. I tend to think a lot of about life and my purpose and sort of feel almost depressed in the end. I have yet to hit the last plateau. All in all it is an amazing drug that I wish I could be on every second of every day. The biggest problem is deciding what feelings I wish to achieve. I highly suggest you try it a few times and experience the plateaus. Like myself and many other people feel, this drug is life changing.
OH and listen to music on it! Its the best.
How many Triple C's should we take today?
by try triple c December 27, 2009

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