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4 definitions by travis Luce

To jab your middle finger in someones ass or vagina and then curl the finger and pull out fast.
after a long hard day at work I like to give my wife a good scorpion punch.
by travis Luce February 23, 2004
26 11
To shit and urinate and jizz on a tarp and then throw someone in the middle and roll them up in it and roll them down a hill.
that guy was a little to ghetto so i gave him a good tarp party.
by Travis Luce February 24, 2004
21 15
get an ice cube then start eating out your girlfriend with it. turst me its fun.
Ive tried it =)
by Travis Luce March 26, 2004
5 4
My girlfriends mom also known as a slutty skanky ho.
dirty slank
by Travis Luce March 18, 2004
2 8