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28 definitions by toxomeister

A group of obese, undereducated hicks who worship the 2nd Amendment, think Obama is a Muslim solely because of his name and skin color, call anyone to the left of Hitler a communist and a socialist, and would rather see Americans starve and die in the streets by the millions than see a Democrat in the White House. Indistinguishable from the Republican Party, as they are one and the same.
We Christians in the Republican Tea Party need to pray that the economy tailspins into another Great Depression so that Obama loses in 2012.
by toxomeister August 15, 2011
771 390
A person who believes that wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on war and tax cuts is okay and that criticizing the president automatically makes you an anti-American traitor, but only if the president is a white Republican. If the president is a black Democrat, it's suddenly okay to brandish assault weapons at his rallies, call him a communist socialist Marxist racist Nazi terrorist nigge...whoops, Muslim. Teabaggers are typically obese inbred southern WASPs who are still upset that they lost the Civil War. Most of them can't spell worth a damn and think "nuclear" is pronounced "nookyular". Despite what they say, 99% of teabaggers are white and Republican.
The teabaggers at yesterday's rally waved signs claiming that the Civil Right's Act is communist and unAmerican.
by toxomeister January 08, 2011
607 380
Buzz word used by conservatives to describe anyone who disagrees with them politically. Interchangable with "socialist", "Marxist," and "un-American traitor".
Anyone who votes Democrat, doesn't make love to their guns, supports gay rights, or has a triple digit IQ is a goddamned communist!
by toxomeister November 15, 2010
294 258
A young actor who plays the exact same character in every single movie he's in - the awkward, perpetually virginal pussy. Will ultimately star in a remake of "The 40 Year Old Virgin" 20 years from now.
Michael Cera reading his script for the next movie he's in"

"I can't talk to girls. The last time I felt a breast was in a bucket of KFC. Every time a girl looks at me, I shit myself. I came in my pants just from watching The Little Mermaid."

Director: "That part is so you."
by toxomeister June 14, 2011
46 22
Rating system used by Cybershell13 in his Youtube videos that tells you how hard/annoying enemies and bosses are in Sonic the Hedgehog video games
Asteron got a whopping 42 on the Cunt-O-Meter, which makes him the King of Cunts
by toxomeister July 06, 2009
32 11
The most overrated video game obstacle ever. In Sonic 3's Carnival Night Zone, there is a barrel that blocks off access to the passage below. Virtually everyone in the world has gotten stuck here for a long period of time, but the truth is, it's extremely easy to get past (just press up and down!)
The Barrel of Doom is so fucking easy to figure out! I don't know why you all are so fucking retarded!
by toxomeister July 13, 2009
39 23
The 7th planet from the sun, and the funniest, due to what it's name sounds like. Will eventually be renamed "Urectum" in the future to end these stupid jokes once and for all.
Uranus is a dark, gassy, and mysterious place

There are many rings around Uranus

If you don't shut the fuck up with these immature jokes, I'm going to rip Uranus in half
by toxomeister April 19, 2011
20 6