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38 definitions by tory botra

the penis
My second brain brought me to this video
by tory botra April 25, 2013
An athletic achievement
That was really and truly a mobot what you did on the track
by tory botra December 20, 2013
A verb referring to when a male and female show their glanses to each other. The boy or man shows his penis glans and a girl or woman shows her clitoris glans. It is non-sexual and is done to compare or to see whether it is homologous. Its also done with an intent to emphasize the sexual ambiguity between genders and sexes. This psychologically brings males and females back to their fetal stage before the y chromosome caused sexual differentiation. It is also done by feminists who wish to declare the presence of a phallus.
Hey, guess what Chelsea and Bob were doing round the corner? They were glans matching.
by tory botra August 27, 2013
A lesbian who spends all her time giving other women clitoral orgasms
Sibling A: Why do her friends always moan and groan when they enter her bedroom?

Sibling B: I dunno, but maybe she's a button stitcher.
by tory botra June 24, 2013
someone who unquestioningly adopts the religion of their parents or the state religion in their country
You can tell he's a religionut by the way he just accepts all those religious doctrines
by tory botra December 24, 2012
A secular society; religion is not allowed to force its beliefs onto others through legislation
I think politicians care about what your religious text says because we have a seperation of religion and state in this country
by tory botra September 26, 2013
Maxi pad, menstrual napkin, sanitary towel, sanitary pad, menstrual pad
I much prefer tampons. Why woud put a lady diaper inside my underwear?
by tory botra September 16, 2013