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12 definitions by torr melling

that inner voice that sabotages your thoughts or actions with self-doubt or negative reinforcement.
i was about to ask this guy out on a date when my itty bitty shitty committee told me otherwise.
by torr melling October 25, 2006
85 12
shortened from west hollywood, california. weho is home to a large concentration of homosexuals. weho is a relatively fun place to live and visit with great restaurants, sites, bars and clubs. weho is also a great place to catch celebrities cavorting in their native habitat.

wehoe is a slight variation on the term and is used to (derogatorily) describe gay guys/boys/bois who are promiscuous and usually superficial. wehoes are usually vapid, drug-using/abusing gym nazis who care little about interpersonal relationships and more about their body, hair style, what zip code (90069 and 90046 are the coveted zip codes) they live in, what kind of car/suv they drive and who their other wehoe friends are.
"i live just off sunset on havenhurst in weho." or "did you see the outfit that wehoe is wearing?!" or "she (as in 'he') bought a new bmw x3 and she acts like it’s an x5!"
by torr melling November 10, 2006
78 9
expression to describe the idiots who 'drive in formation' on a multi-lane freeway who are oblivious that their speed is about the same as the vehicle next to them and they've essentially blocked all faster-moving traffic behind them. ironically, many blue angels are also blue hairs!
"i got caught behind some blue angels on the 5 freeway today for about 13 miles and couldn't get by!"
by torr melling October 05, 2006
52 17
code among gays where a queer who gives another queer free product, discount or upgrades is part of the lavender mafia.
"i got an upgrade to business class from the lavender mafia gate agent on my flight from boston to san diego." or "we got a couple free drinks from the bartender who's in the lavender mafia so we hooked him up with a huge tip!"
by torr melling October 17, 2006
38 7
essentially the same as a gay or straight sugar daddy, except a sugar chicken is a youngin' who has the means to pay for the older boyfriend. sugar chickens are almost always wishful thinking since they don't exist!
too proud to accept money from a sugar daddy when i was young and hot, now that i'm older, i'm looking for a sugar chicken to take care of me...or at least one that can pay his OWN WAY!
by torr melling May 08, 2007
29 8
the gay/queer equivalent of jock block wherein a homo who's trying to get some action either gets blocked from the same or who's embarrassed by a so-called friend and prevented from hooking up.
i was chatting this hot guy up at a club the other night when richard jock blocked me by coming up and asking me if (my rash had cleared up) or (am i still living with my parents) or (did you get a job YET?!)--of course the hottie excused himself and got the hell out of there!
by torr melling October 25, 2006
42 21
usually intense, clandestine romances over the weekend while you're out of town (or you hook up with someone visiting in your own town) that you might not normally partake. see also, vacation romance or holiday romance.
"richard had a weekend romance so he's in a good mood today." or "i had a hot vacation romance while in spain."
by torr melling October 10, 2006
31 12