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fifi is a latex glove wrapped by a small towell or sock inmates wrap the towell or sock. you can make your fifi tight to simulate a tight pussy by using rubberbands around the towell. insert some cream in the glove maybe some warm water. now just pretend your boning some fine ass chick and hurry before the guards bust you.oh and never use shampoo unless you want your penis to blow up and all your cell mates to laugh at you
fifi,latex glove,sock,towell,cream,tight, pussy
#locked up #my bitch #jack off #sock #towell
by tony d fresh September 02, 2007
a sureno is any mexican gang member in the southern california area. the sureno color is blue and their number is 13 which denotes the thirteenth letter in the alphabet which is m, standing for marijuana or mexican mafia. there are surenos located through out the states but mainly in so. cal
sur13,southsider,s13,blue rag, surenos trece
#los #oc #sd #ie #sgv #sfv #ha
by tony d fresh September 02, 2007
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