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1 definition by tongueNcheeky

A campaign started a few years back by a rogue organization that is currently viewed as PETA's worst enemy. The organization is known for placing 'PLEASE CURB YOUR DOG' signs all over the world, urging people to smash their dogs into the curbstone at the side of the road.

Apparently, the people in this organization are very bitter about the vast amount of dogshit covering the lands, and their solution is to eliminate dogs entirely.
Jimmy's dog was taking a dump right at the entrance to the park. He saw the sign on the fence: PLEASE CURB YOUR DOG.

Jimmy got the message. He was sick of all of his dog's crap. He picked Fido up by his tail and once and for all broke his bark on the corner of the cold concrete curb.
by tongueNcheeky September 02, 2006
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