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1 definition by tom 2

Fraternity founded on the principal that anyone can join. Has the largest membership due to the fact that in order to wear letters, you just have to pay for them. They have no pledge/associate period which is usually used to develop individuals and select good men from people who will not match well with the fraternity, rather they use levels of membership similar to scientology where you pay your membership fees, and take tests that see if you are ready for the next level. Usually has a core membership that functions similar to a real fraternity, with a large % of their members not doing shit. this causes frustration within the individual chapters, but no one wants to say "hay, maybe we should be more selective in our recruitment and not let lazy asses join just for their money" because they all know that is the only reason that they have the largest membership nation wide (with the smallest# of active members nationwide).
Wes got drunk and woke up with Sigma phi Epsilon letters on, evidently he joined. He is still at level 1 because he doesn’t want to do shit for a fraternity that he doesn’t have to work to get into.
by tom 2 December 16, 2006