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1. emo = a genre of music.
2. emo = short for emotive hardcore movement of punk from the late 70's

emos should be scene and not herd.
the "noob" emo.
skinnys, cons, bad veriation of the "emo" haircut. ( an asymetrically fringed fashion cut.)

make up.
thick, poorly applied eyeliner, red or pink "MCR style" eye shadow. (sometimes another color if it matches there outfit.)

normally a bandana around the neck, sometimes on the wrist.(once i did see one with a bandana around her knee, the purpose of this i dont know.)

disney charater or other childrens show or movie backpack. normally covered with badges. most write or draw on there bags with black marker or nikko.

most have lip piercings, also random surface piercings.(most done in a public toilet by there friends with a safety pin) streched ear lobes.

hanging out in public areas such as city streets, malls or fast food outlets in the eye of genreal society, most litter, yell, run about, swear and clutter the place, drawing the genreal publics attention to them.
most hang out in parks at night getting drunk on "goon" and passion pop.

Genreal publics view:
20 -30 upstarts draping themselves on park benches, littering and blocking the pathway, swearing and utterly dis-respecting to everyone else around them.

most jocks/gansta males yell abuse at them, causing a comotion within the "scene population" making them throw things or yell abuse back.


emo kid: "F**K YOU, go get a job and stop wearing ya dads clothes!"
by token_boi July 31, 2006

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