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By far the best rapper of all time people think thats biggie and eminem are on the same level but neither of them were as smart as he was and shared the same views as he did. Eminem could only dream of getting the love from his fans that 2pac got from his fans i can relate to his music because i came from poverty like he did where i had to do things for money to survive and i share alot of the same views as he did and i can say that his music is the only thing that has stoped me from blowing my brains out many times he was by far the best rapper ever he was real he was a gangsta unlike rappers like dre eminem 50 cent how many of them went and shot cops after they become famouse cos 2 pac did he did jail he did it all and it disgusts me to hear eminem sing songs like{ toy soldiers} cos now all the rappers arwe just tryna be like 2pac and my message to them is wake the fuck up there will never be another 2pac in the rap world so stop trying cos theyre all a bunch of try hards and wannabes plain and simple. He sung about the real issues and they came from the heart examples of this are songs like changes, me against the world and to hear eminem say that he wont be killed because of his daughter what a load of crap does he honestly think that because he is dilusional if he does. i know people that hate rap that love 2pac for his songs like changes and me against the world
examples of his genius are songs like changes
by todd vas August 08, 2005

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