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It can be used to identified any of the following categories:

1) Girls that are easy

2) Party girls that go to clubs and screw and dates different people every week

3) Promiscuous

4) A woman with a loose vagina due to over use by having sex with many men

5) White women that tend to have sex with black men

6) Women that flirt a lot

7) Women that cheat

8) Women that give blowjobs when drunk to different men in parties

9) Most likely to be divorced by her 40's with a dog, bitter and with herpes (either around her mouth or genitals)

10) Porn actresses

11) Women that like to be recorded when having sex

12) Women who had sex with more than one male at the same time

13) A large number of women born in the US and Europe after the 60's

14) A woman with a deformed anus/sphincter due to anal sex and HPV warts in abundance

15) Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore, Madonna, Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Anne Hathaway, Tara Reid, among many others
1) In a club Hey dude, check that drunk slut, I am pretty sure she is the blond that Joe told me he screwed last week, I am going try to hit tonight, maybe I get lucky too

2) Man, if you are just horny, just ask Chastity out, you don't wanna marry the slut, but she is a great girl to date because she is pretty easy

3) My friend Mike, who is black wants to marry a white chick, but he says it is pretty difficult to find a good one, because most of the white girls that are into blacks are sluts, and have lots of sex partners
by tip1111 July 08, 2010

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