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An attractive, unexperienced female skier or snowboarder on the bunny hill. Its in reference to the mythological Jackalope (a bunny with a nice rack)
I scoped a wounded jackalope on the way up the lift. She has a rented board and she's been sitting on her nice ass for twenty minutes.
#snow bunny #bunny #snowboard #ski #snowboarder #skier
by Tinny Mctaptap January 28, 2009
An intermediate drivers license or learners permit that allows a teen to legally drive a cougar around.
I just went to the DOL and picked up my cougar tag, now i have to pick up women twice my age to drive.
#drivers liscense #driver's license #drivers license #learner's permit #learners permit #cougar
by tinny mctaptap January 28, 2009
a word that means no, never, and not ever all at the same time. Its a word so negative that double negatives will in no way make it positive.
Person 1: hey have you ever inserted a cheet-oh into your anus then put it back with the rest of the cheet-ohs?
Person 2: not nebbin' in my life have i even thunk about it.
#no #nope #never #not never #not ever #double negative
by tinny mctaptap January 27, 2009
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