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the art of being spammed (slapped on the forehead). also hammering home ones truncheon (wanking).
dude that cunt just slapped my top.
there is no minge in this cunting pub so im going home to slap my top.
by timmy spoonguard December 18, 2003
Someone who's face looks just like a womans vaginal area.
Also used as a way to express annoyance at someone.
dude, her face looks like a slapped twat, what a fadgeface
oh look, tong didnt turn up again, what a fadgeface
your mums fadge face is bleeding.
by timmy spoonguard March 07, 2008
slang term for mans semen.
DAMMIT! I just shot ma gloom juice all over the avon catalouge. My mum is gonna be spewing!
by timmy spoonguard December 18, 2003

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