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DICK PIG CUM SLUT is a combination of several otherwise insulting terms used to define an extreme form of sluttiness. (i.e. any girl who would propose a 3-some to good friends upon first meetings.) other attributes of the dick pig cum slut are portayals of innocence lasting no more than 20 minutes, sharing more information than needed (i.e. "it's been a long time since i've hung out with white guys")
DPCS "it's been a long time since i've hung out with white guys"
ME "oh, really?"
DPCS "yeah, really. so you guys are close?"
ME "yeah, friends for years"
DPCS "so, how close are you?"
ME "not that close. we have to be going now"
RANDOM FRIEND #3"hey guys, here i am back from the bathroom."
ME "oh man, we have to go, this girl is a total dick pig cum slut"
DPCS "i'm sitting right here!!"
by timbo m February 29, 2008

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