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2 definitions by tickle me pink

a means to score 3 points; placed in basketball to give the white man a chance; used to brighten up the world of basketball
He put back some vanilla in that cup of chocolate ice cream;
if it wasn't for the three pointer, the nba would be a dark place;
by tickle me pink April 19, 2008
A type of curry sauce blended with some sweat olive oil, chilli powder spice, salt, vineger, baking soda, c-4, blue peppers and a raw egg;(do not attempt to make); known for causing horrible eruptions of body fluids at unexpected moments; Made illegal in 49 states;
Hit me up wit some dat faheem son;
hey dat faheem is some mighty spicey st-BOOOOOOOOOOM-uff;
by tickle me pink April 19, 2008