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Eve was the first woman and chose enlightenment over free food and sex and is now hated for it. Eve is very similar to Buddha and Pandora in her choice, though we all love Buddha
God asked "do you want knowledge?" and Eve was like "Yeah!" so God said "ok, here's an apple that'll teach you all you want to know." So Eve eats it, becomes a genius, shares it with her husband (which was a pretty nice thing to do) and then looks around and says "there are better things than this garden. Let's go."
by three guesses June 21, 2005
An island populated entirely by prostitutes. Also referred to as Mandango. Totally off limits to all exept total perverts. Most perverts were born on this island, and so to tell someone to go back to it is a severe insult.
eugene "omg, that sounded wrong"
me "dude, u perv, go back to Whore Island!!"
by three guesses June 21, 2005
Second largest religion in the world. Islam is based on the Qu'ran, a text dictated by Muhammed (the last of the prophets.) The Qu'ran gave many more rights to women a thousand years ago than America had in the 1800s, although the religion evolved to be strongly biased in favor of men. Followers of Islam, muslims, have been given a bad name by the Taliban, which was trying to re-create life in the time of Muhammed (which was a pretty bad time to be alive.) Terrorists think they are defending Islam by hurting countries that stomped on them before. Conservatives think they are protecting Christianity by pounding other countries into the dust, while they give Christianity the bad name of a trigger-happy terrorist, worthy of being attacked.
Omg, dad, that guy must be a terrorist, he isn't white.
by three guesses June 26, 2005

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