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A real patriot. To many he seems to be a conspiracy nut hell-bent on fear-mongering and a preacher to the conspiracy choir. Especially if you've never heard him before and catch him in rant mode.
What many people fail to realize is that he hopes he is wrong about everything he exposes.
The problem is, he isn't most of the time. If he is, then he's only trying to shed light on a potentially dangerous scheme that could take place. Keeping a peeled eye on all the shenanigans of the apparent new world order and going over it with a fine tooth comb...inevitably he will come across some false alarms.
He appears to have quite a charisma when he is explaining the evil deeds of the elite that control the world. This can be intimidating to many people and I will admit I was turned off by it, but it is a real quality he has. He speaks with passion for a real mission everyone should start considering.
He tends to cater to theism quite a lot but this flaw that many atheists or others not into god is heavily overweighed by his extreme intelligence, forsight and passion to try to wake people up and show that the true patriots are the ones who care about the well-being of the country regardless if it is unpopular, not the flag-waving brownshirts that believe everything they see on the TV.
A real intrigue to his method is that he is not on a particular political party like one would assume...like most likely some fringe conservative or some raging liberal. He exposes both for being the false choices we are given so we think we are free when we are not when regardless of who is in office we're screwed either way.
Brownshirt: "sean hannity is so cool, he badgers his opponents without listening to them! hahaha"
Me: "What's so cool about that?"
Brownshirt: "All his opponents are a bunch of traitors! He exposes them, he's such a patriot!"
Me: "Gimme a break...he's a patriot because of your false logic?"
Brownshirt: "well name a better one!"
Me: "Alex Jones"
Brownshirt: "Who?"
Me: "Exactly...now go read and research instead of being entertained by your talking heads"
part 2:
Raging Liberal: "Micheal Moore is my hero, he has so much balls to expose that dumb George Bush for what he really is: an idiot!!!"
Me: "Too bad Micheal Moore only decided to cover an extremely small tip of the iceberg concerning 9/11, Iraq and Bush....it's a smear on all those who know what is really going on and gives people a false idea that he is the 'opposition' and as if it stops there"
Raging Liberal: "Huh?! So are you for or against what he did?"
Me: "I'm for his effort to try and shed light on the BS of the Bush Administration...I'm not for the quality of the effort he made...it did more harm than good to show that Bush is more of just an idiot than he is a traitor and a mass murderer"
Raging Liberal: "Well if Michael Moore isn't a good hero then who is?"
Me: "Stop picking heroes you moron and just look for the leaders...try Alex Jones for starters"
Raging Liberal: "The conspiracy nut?! HELL NO!"
Me: "Fine...go along with your popular opposition that has no effect but to be ridiculed rather than doing the real dirty work"
Raging Liberal: "You're crazy"
Me: "How did the WTC towers fall as fast and faster than free-fall?"
Raging Liberal: "What are you saying?"
Me: "Ask more, I have plenty to tell you"
by thrashaero September 11, 2005

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